Frequently Asked Questions

Need any training before using 3Plus 3D Pen?

No need any training to use our 3D Pen. Just a little practice so that you can start to enjoy it.

3D Pen safe for children?

Anyone can use this 3D Pen to draw and create! Please follow all good use instructions and videos, do not touch the tip of the pen, we recommend the 3D Pen for children above 8 years old. You can also give some simple guidance for children from 8 to 12 years old.

3D Pen good for left-handed people?

3Plus 3D pen is designed capable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

What is the power supply for 3D pen?

The 3D pen use a wall plug power with 110-240v(the plug wire is 1.8m, long enough to operate freely). Appropriate plug pack and pins will be available for different countries.

How long does the 3D Pen take to warm up?

The 3D Pen only takes only one minutes or so to warm up. When you plug in the power, the LED indicator light is red. The pen is ready to use when the light turns green.

Is the 3D Pen nozzle hot?

Yes! the 3D pen nozzle can reach 210℃ , do not try to touch the pen tip.

Can I doodle on skin?

Officially NOT recommended, and by that we mean NO. You could burn your skin with the tip of the pen, and none of us want that to happen.

How to load the filament?

Insert the selected material into feeding hole at the end of the pen, press feeding button and the filament will be moved by the built-in motor. When the melted material come out of the tip, it means the success of setting, you can start to doodle now. Anyway, 3Plus have several different kinds of 3D pen, which are different, so please follow the user manual.

The 3D Pen extruding speed can be adjusted?

Press speed control button to choose best suited extruding speed.(remark: up to 8 speed controls, the default one will be 5 setting, 8 is fastest. processing speed button is only working when stop extruding and LED light is green, in other circumstances the processing will be in vain.

What is the difference between ABS and PLA?

ABS is with more hardness and recyclable, and PLA has more stickiness on glass and metal and it’s compostable. Both are good for modeling.

How to change the filament?

When change into same type of material but in different color, two options with one continuous feeding and the other unload, then load. Whichever option adopted, please be sure of the flat end of filament.

When change PLA into ABS, first unload material, restart the device (unplug then plug power supply), press material/temperature button enter ABS mode, then load ABS filament. when change ABS into PLA, repeat in the same way.

Can 3mm filament be used for the 3D Pen?

So far our 3D Pen can only use 1.75mm filament. That’s why it has advantage in drawing very subtle and small objects with higher precision. We will keep this idea in mind in future model upgrade.

Does the 3D Pen emit any smoke or fume?

The mechanism of the 3D Pen is to heat the plastic and then the plastic cools down and solidify very quickly. The 3D Pen just gives off very little fume occasionally which is totally not toxic to human body. ABS is very common used in our daily life and the PLA is one kind of bioplastic which is mainly made of farina.

Can I use other plastic, not ABS or PLA?

We have not yet tested other plastic other than ABS and PLA on the 3D Pen, so we can not guarantee the proper functionality or performance for it. We strongly recommend to use our approved ABS and PLA material. Anyway, once any other material is analyzed and tested, we will publish it and keep you posted.

Can I melt the plastic and reuse it?

The 3D Pen should not load the used plastic. ABS can be recycle in other way. PLA is also a good choice because it’s a biodegradable material which is eco-friendly to environment.

Is the plastic hot when it comes out of the pen tip?

Yes, the plastic is hot but is touchable.

Can I leave the filament in the 3D Pen after power cut off?

After finishing to use the 3D Pen every time, we suggest you to unload the filament from the pen. Please follow the user manual to do it properly.

How about 3Plus 3D printing pen quality?

3Plus dedicated to 3D Printing Pen development, manufacturer and export, after several years, our 3D Printing Pens are 100% exported to Europe, America and Australia. We have a high perform-cost ratio and service advantage. After years of development, we have developed a mature and reliable supply system. And we have a set of strict quality control system throughout the entire process, from the accessories quality test to finished product test. We promise every 3D Printing Pen from our factory is perfect!

Does the 3D Pen pass any test or certified by any regulation?

That’s for sure. The 3D Pen has passed CE, RoHS and FCC by qualified third-party test laboratory. And the filament plastic is certified by RoHS.

Can I resell or distribute in my country?

Welcome to discuss and start promising cooperation with us the the distribution of the 3D Pen in your country. Please email us or call us, we would like to work with you.

Can We order a sample for test?

If you do not have factory tour plan in short term, or you are not sure about the product quality and the reliability of our company. Sample test in advance before bulk order can be accepted.

About sample delivery, we usually suggest that go by express. Sample go by sea will cost very long time (around 30days or more) , and the most import thing, it may seriously impact on your sales opportunities.

Can we brand our own 3D Pen?

You are very welcome to distribute our 3D Pen! You can use our trademark 3Plus, or be blank without any logo. Without logo on 3D Pen is very common to our importers.

If you want to use your own trademark to develop your business, it is also welcome, importers can customize 3D Pen with your own logo on product and package. But it should be bulk order, and please provide us your trademark certification and authorization.

Our OEM partners benefit from increases in customer satisfaction, product sales; reductions in promotion cost, and in cost due to troubleshooting and repairs; maximize additional value in OEM brand.

How should I submit my company’s logo for production?

We strongly encourage you when uploading your file(s) to upload Logos such as AI or EPS.(These files are created in programs such as Illustrator and InDesign) However, if you do not have that file type we are able to work with high resolution .psd, .jpeg, or .png files.(These files are created in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign).

What is the order process?

  • Confirm model and quantity
  • Confirm specific configuration
  • Conclude and sign Proforma Invoice
  • Deposit or full payment
  • Order arrangement
  • Production, quality check and packaging
  • Balance payment before delivery(bulk order)
  • Arrange logistics
  • Receipt of goods and evaluation

What’s your payment term for formal bulk orders?

Sample order and order less than 100pcs, 100% T/T in advance.

Bulk order, 30% deposit in advance, balance before delivery or after inspection.

How to arrange shipment?

1)Appointed forwarder from customers: we directly deliver finished goods to them and they take care for the whole shipping issues

2)Using our cooperated shipping agents(always with good shipment discount).

Do you offer any after-sale service?

We will supply one year warranty and provide 1% additional spare accessories for after service. Besides, we have standard RMA procedure.

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